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Lunch Is Sweetest When It's With Crown!

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Whoever said the afternoon knows what the morning never suspected was absolutely right. If you thought your morning was great, then you're in for a better afternoon on Afternoon Wakis - a political and informative program that highlights the biggest stories in the News and creates the platform for the public to react to these stories thereby proffering solutions to issues discussed.

On Afternoon Wakis, we focus on social issues such as finance, human rights and laws, health and relationship issues.

Afternoon Wakis climaxes with up-to-date information on the latest stories in entertainment.



Every weekday on Afternoon Wakis is for bringing listeners up to speed with stories making the rounds in Delta, Anambra and Nigeria. We delve a little in the world of entertainment also on these days.

On Tuesdays, it’s only right we help you learn your rights as citizens on Oga Lawyer Office – a show that offers loads of legal advice you can use while addressing real life issues.

Wednesday is the day to talk about money! Let’s take a journey into the financial side of life on Make We Talk Money.

What do you talk about when you talk about Love? Well, you can find out what we talk about on Relationship Advice by House of Royalty International Christian Center

After going through all the stress of Monday through Thursday, we feel it is only right we give you information regarding your health on Friday. Tune in to Afternoon Wakis for all the health tips and benefits you can get on How Body

Join Percy every weekday from 1pm – 4pm for the best of lunchtime experience.

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Afternoon Wakis crew

Percy is a pro radio DJ, music producer, event planner/manager, radio presenter, sound engineer and content developer. Percy was born on November 8th in Warri.

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