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– Sports Update
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It’s a new day, you’re up and ready to get about your daily businesses while success in your endeavor is the objective of the day. That is what Inspirational Breakfast helps you achieve. From great music to soul-lifting messages and words of positivity while also updating you with news from Delta, Nigeria and all around the world, you can always count on Inspirational Breakfast as your trusted company all morning. Join Ben Okotieeboh every weekday from 7am to 11am.

Midday Cruise is a radio magazine program airing weekdays that has segments like What’s Up Nigeria – a phone –in programme where current issues in the nation’s polity are discussed and practical solutions proffered. It as well enlightens the listener of what is happening in the country.
When We Worship (www) – 1 hour of praise and worship aimed at getting the listener in the mood of worship no matter where they are or what they are doing.
Moneywise, Security Desk, and Relationship Matters, that air Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays respectively at 2-3 pm are interactive programmes that feature expert guests who discuss selected topics in the above mentioned fields, to educate and sensitize the listener.

Find out the best way to go home on Drive 947 every Monday through Friday from 3pm to 7pm. Drive 947 is the drivetime show on Crown 94.7 FM and it kicks off with Motivation Monday to give listeners the right tonic to continue the week already begun! Weekend Recap revisits some of the major stories in the news in the just-concluded weekend. Box Office Chart Show brings movie lovers up to speed with the latest movie news and the top ten ranking movies in the box office. It is always weird on Weird News Wednesday as listeners get to hear shocking stories from all around the world. We also take you down memory lane with events and memories of the past on Throwback Thursday. Find out the events for the weekend in sports, festivities and movie releases on What’s Up This Weekend and enjoy the top 10 hottest gospel songs in Nigeria on Top 10 Gospel Naija.

Follow the conversation on social media with hashtag #Drive947.

Mondays – Fridays is Heart 2 Heart which is made up of four segments. The first segment, Dinner Set looks at funny pictures or any eye-catching picture then creating a story around it. Every Monday is for Bible quiz – I Sabi Bible, while every Friday is for Moonlight Tales.
The second segment Suya is all about feeding the soul. It dwells on issues that people encounter daily but won’t normally talk about such as depression, fear, failure, hate, pain etc and how to fight or overcome them.
The third segment – Evening Yanings is about trendy stories that deal with almost any topics and callers get to share their opinions about them, sometimes proffering solutions they see fit.
To wrap up the shift is Motivation Salute. What better way is there to go to bed than with an encouraged heart? It deals with quotes from people who are found to be introspective, successful, peace loving, purposeful amongst others. It’s good to sleep right to wake right!

Weekend Breakfast is the ideal way to kickstart your weekend after the whole stress of the week. It’s the weekend version of the Inspirational Breakfast. Join in every Saturday and Sunday 7am – 12pm.
sports extra/update

Sports Update is targeted at dissecting the sporting world. For all the sport lover this gives news and updates of sporting activities both local and international, transfer sagas, and the business in sport.
Join in every week day 9am and 5pm and 4pm on Saturdays.

Let’s flex Saturday night together from 8pm to 12am.
Food lovers can share great cooking ideas and health benefits of food substances on I Sabi Cook which is the first segment of the show.
How about some interesting riddles, proverbs, African stories on African Bedrock to lace the weekend with more fun?

You can also catch up with all the trending celebrity gossips on Celebrity Gossip .
Adding a little beat to your heartbeat is essential before the first crow and that is what we do on Motivation Salute.