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Your No.1 Night Time Radio

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If you, for once, thought we only cared about daytime radio, then you were absolutely wrong because radio is in a way humanity that speaks to itself, that addresses itself day and night.
So if you're looking for the most comfortable company on late-night radio, you can count on Delta's Official Late Night show. As long as you decide you want to stay up or you're looking for where to find company, then your best bet is Kween Sisan on Crown FM Onitsha. She always has something for everyone.

Every Monday on Delta’s Official Late Night Show is Feed Your Faith – where we share practical ways to navigate life’s challenges with the scripture as our standard.
From 8pm till midnight is *Love and all its Spice*. This is where you learn how to make well-informed marital and relational decisions while also helping married couples add spice to their relationship.
What – If on Wednesdays gives you the opportunity to share what you’d do should certain things happen around you. We’re sure you wouldn’t mind giving room for some excitement and imagination even as you advise people who may be in need of help.
What is weighing you down or giving you sleepless nights? Who or what event is annoying you? Let’s talk about it on Rants and Bants from 11pm till midnight, as we rub minds. Don’t worry, you can choose to be an anonymous participant on the show.
And we wrap up Delta’s Official Late Night every week with Moments with the Kween. This is where we talk about capacity building through faith, love, mind transformation and self leadership. Every Friday from 9pm till 10pm, the show aims to solve leadership quality lacking in youths due to lack of vision and the will to be more. The show emphasizes putting knowledge into practice.
Delta’s Official Late Night Show is hosted by Oma Rogers during weekends.

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