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The Correct Way to Waka Go House!

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Navigate your way through the early evening rush hour traffic withus, as we bring you the best mix of music and exciting talk.

We keep you in the know, with the latest news as well as an in-depth look at some of the day's trending stories in our newspaper review.

Plus !!! We've got the latest developments from Crown FM's unmissable Sports Update and later in the show, hear the latest gossip from the world of entertainment.

Make it a daily date for radio's Number One Drive-time programme, Waka Tinz, Monday to Friday from 43pm till 7pm, on Crown 94.7FM.

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Waka Tinz crew

Percy is a pro radio DJ, music producer, event planner/manager, radio presenter, sound engineer and content developer. Percy was born on November 8th in Warri.